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Ohio Felony Penalties

In Ohio, Felonies are Punishable with Prison Time

There are many exceptions and additions to these general rules, so please consult a criminal defense attorney for specific penalty information.

Special Felonies Prison Term Max. Fine
Aggravated Murder with death specification Death
Life without parole
Life with parole after 20, 25 or 30 years
$ 25,000
Aggravated Murder without death specification Life with parole after 20 years $ 25,000
Murder Fifteen to Life
Life without parole if sexual motivation specification and sexually violent predator specification
$ 15,000
Other Felonies Prison Term Max. Fine
First Degree 3-10 years $ 20,000
Second Degree 2-8 years $ 15,000
Third Degree 1-5 years $ 10,000
Fourth Degree 6-18 months $ 5,000
Fifth Degree 6-12 months $ 2,500
  • Murder carries the possibility of the death sentence under certain circumstances in Ohio. Additional prison time may apply in cases involving firearms, repeat violent offenders and major drug offenders.
  • Some offenses, such as repeat DUI offenses, major traffic offenses and sex offenses, may carry mandatory prison sentences.
  • Felony one and felony two level offenses carry a presumption in favor of prison time.
  • Felony four and felony five level offenses generally carry a presumption against prison time.
  • Felony three level offenses may not carry any presumption.

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