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About Us

Attorney Weisenburger founded the firm in 2000 based on his expertise in criminal defense and DUI, hence the name of this website, “ohiocrimelawyer.”

When it comes to the interest of our clients, we leave no stone unturned to meet their expectations when possible or exceed them. We have experienced attorneys, well-trained staff, and technological resources to help achieve this goal. Our team works on-site, making communication easier and more effective. We also provide our clients with their own online portal where they can follow up on the progress of their cases.

With offices in Ravenna and Stow, we primarily serve clients in Portage and Summit Counties. We help clients in other courts upon examination of every case individually.

We Work With An Eye Towards Winning

Our attorneys and staff members achieve results through thorough investigation, comprehensive preparation, personal attention, and hard work. Once we are retained, we immediately begin by gathering information and evidence. We request witness statements, narratives, police reports, tests, call records, audiotapes, videotapes, photographs, and other physical evidence about alleged criminal or DUI charges.


Criminal Defense and DUI Cases

In a criminal or DUI case, our Akron DUI attorneys’ first goal is to explore the possibility of getting the DUI charges dismissed. If that isn’t feasible, the next goal is to get you the best possible resolution to minimize the consequences and the penalties. Then it is your decision whether to resolve the case through negotiation or have your attorney forcefully battle it out in a trial. Whether your case needs to be handled in Portage or Summit County courts, we are here to help you get the best possible outcome.