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What Indirect Consequences Does a Drug Conviction Have?

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Being convicted of a drug crime in Ohio can have life-long consequences. After you have followed any orders made by the court, including paying fines, serving jail time, or serving probation, other repercussions can make your life difficult. Being forced to report your conviction on job and school applications could hinder your professional career, and losing your privacy and security can make it difficult to hold a job.

The best way to avoid these long-term consequences is to speak with a professional attorney if you are facing drug charges. Our office can review your case and come up with a plan to reduce or even remove the charges against you. For more information, call us today at 330-296-8000.

Can a Drug Conviction Impact a Professional License?

If you have a job you need a license to practice, being convicted of a drug crime can impact your employment status. In many cases, a criminal conviction can cause your license to be suspended, even at the misdemeanor level. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, and counselors are just some of the professionals who may lose their licenses because of a drug conviction.

If your profession involves any security clearance, a drug conviction may also impact that. Security clearances are typically conducted as part of a background check for a job, like teaching or working with children in some capacity. If your potential employer finds a criminal charge in your background check, it may be impossible to hire you.

Will a Drug Conviction Impact Job Prospects?

Unfortunately, if you are convicted of a crime, you will be required to note that conviction on any job application you submit. Because of this, employers may unfairly discriminate against you. Additionally, you may be disqualified from applying for certain professions or occupations. Any job requiring you to work with children, do government work, or work security may be more challenging or even impossible to get. Being convicted of a drug crime may also disqualify you from joining the military.

Similarly, you will be required to note your conviction on any college applications. In most cases, colleges are not keen on accepting individuals convicted of a criminal offense. However, it is up to college administrators to make that call. If you are currently enrolled in college or are planning to go to college, you may not be able to receive federal financial aid if you have a criminal record.

How Does a Drug Conviction Impact Constitutional Rights?

When you are convicted of a crime in Ohio, you lose the right to serve on a jury or to possess a firearm. You also cannot apply for federal or state grants, and you cannot live in public housing or receive Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) benefits. You will also be unable to receive federal cash benefits, including social security income or food stamps.

Depending on the nature and severity of your charge, you could get your passport revoked or even be deported. If you are applying for a green card in the future, a conviction on your record could mean an automatic denial of your application.

If you have children, certain drug offenses may potentially terminate your parental rights. However, you would still be liable for child support and medical expenses. Similarly, any criminal offense that involves children could revoke your right to adopt children in the future.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me?

Being convicted of a drug crime can have serious consequences long after you serve jail time or pay your fines. Losing your professional license, being disqualified from jobs, and being unable to receive public benefits are just some of the ways a conviction might impact your life. The best way to avoid these repercussions is to meet with an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent your case.

Our team at Weisenburger Law Offices, LLC has experience representing individuals accused of drug crimes. Depending on the nature of your case, we may be able to reduce or even remove the charges against you. For more information about us and to learn about our services, call us today at 330-296-8000.

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