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Ohio Revised Code

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All crimes in Ohio are strictly defined by law. Here is a list of definitions of the most common felony and misdemeanor offenses:

Aggravated Menacing: 2903.21

  • No person shall knowingly cause another to believe that the offender will cause serious physical harm to the person or property of the other person, the other person’s unborn, or a member of the other person’s immediate family…


4511.181 OVI definitions.
As used in sections 4511.181 to 4511.198 of the Revised Code:

  • “Equivalent offense” means any of the following:
    • A violation of division (A) or (B) of section 4511.19 of the Revised Code…

Domestic Relations

3103.01 Mutual obligations.
Husband and wife contract towards each other obligations of mutual respect, fidelity, and support.

Wills & Probate

2101.01 Probate division – location – equipment – employees.

  • A probate division of the court of common pleas shall be held at the county seat in each county in an office furnished by the board of county commissioners, in which the books, records, and papers pertaining to the probate division shall be deposited and safely kept by the probate judge…


2151.27 Complaint involving child.

  • Subject to division (A)(2) of this section, any person having knowledge of a child who appears to have violated section 2151.87 of the Revised Code or to be a juvenile traffic offender or to be an unruly, abused, neglected, or dependent child may file a sworn complaint with respect to that child…
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