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Our Team is On Your Side
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Ryan v.

Mr. Weisenburger from the second he was on my case was extremely professional, courteous, honest and very bold. I could tell just during my free consultation that he was rare find in the field due to his honesty. The amount of information he armed me with before even talking retainer was mind blowing. It was a complete no brainer the first time I met Mr. Weisenburger the he was the attorney I wanted defending my freedom. I’ve seen and worked for attorneys in the past who only care to plead the case and move on to the next paycheck. This man will fight tooth and nail to beat every element of the case against you. I was both very impressed and extremely grateful to see the amount of effort he put in to make sure I wasn’t left with a life lasting charge. I can’t imagine why anyone would put someone in charge of your case that doesn’t obviously care about the matter as much as you do. Hands down, Dan Weisenburger is your best choice no matter what the level of offense you’re charged with.
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