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My case was handled professionally by all of the staff. Their communication was excellent and prompt. Thanks!

5Trust No Wun via

I had to hire a lawyer on short notice for my son, who was picked up by PCSD for extradition to VA. Dan explained our options to me over the phone, then promptly visited jail the next day to talk with my son. Dan was very attentive, always available for phone calls and questions, was early to court appts. to talk with me and answer questions, as well as after court. We had 2 hearings under his representation and he met with my son after each hearing, as opposed to having me relay information, which I very much appreciated. Francoise in the office was extremely friendly, pleasant and helpful. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone needing legal counsel.


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I was charged with a felony and feared that I was going to serve prison time because of my prior criminal record. Atty Connell negotiated a favorable outcome, which included no time behind bars. Atty Connell was extremely thorough in addressing my questions and concerns every step of the way.

5 Danielle via

James is a kind, intelligent, and all-around extraordinary attorney who puts his clients first every time. Diligent, hard-working, and competent are just a few words I would use to describe not only his practice of law, but his approach to both life and interpersonal communication. Always poised and professional, James puts the zeal in zealous advocacy; he clearly loves what he does and it shows. Highly, highly recommend James C. Connell, Esq.


5 Fred Stevens VIA

Very responsive and professional. Made me feel like they actually cared about my divorce and not just doing their job. Kept me abreast. And did a fine job handling my case! Blessings!

5 Gary Ward VIA

I’ve known Dan since I was a little boy. He’s always been an honest and highly qualified professional. Every time I’ve ever need him he’s been there for me. Good cost and always worked with me. Thank you Weisenburger law office. I love francoise also.


Weisenburger was a good experience. They were professional and gave me realistic expectations of what outcomes I could expect. I would say that while prices are high, they are on par with the going r to area and you get quality service for what you pay for.

5 Jocelyn Corzine via

I’m very grateful for the help I got from attorney Dan Weisenburger and his amazing staff at Weisenburger law offices. BEST lawyers in town! I was worried but, they explained everything in detail and eased my mind. Any time I needed them they were always available. They tell it like it is and they NEVER sugar coat anything! They are genuine and their legal advice is dead on. I definitely recommend them for anybody who needs a lawyer.


5Naomi Mortola via

Atty. Weisenburger and his team were able to get me out of a very tight spot in an extremely short turn around time. They exceeded my expectations and were able to go above and beyond for me nonetheless right after a busy holiday weekend. I had some trouble with a law I was unfamiliar with in the state of Ohio. With the help of this excellent team I was able to walk out of court with a smile and RELEIF. He made what seemed like the impossible happen! He worked extensively with prosecutors to make sure I was getting what I wanted! His team consists of personable people who will answer every question you have no matter how silly you may think it is. Mr. Weisenburger and his team focus on one client at a time to ensure you are getting the quality and professionalism you deserve! Do yourself a favor and go with the pros!!!

5 Keith Metzger via

Great law office and very kind staff. Family has used Dans service’s for years and has never let us down. I recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer.


5 Dr. Aminur R. Chowdhury, Ph.D via

Very Competent and knowledge based Attorney in the field of Criminal Law and justice. Very confidential with respect to “Attorney-Client” relationship. Provides the right legal advise. He takes every case very seriously, conducts appropriate research and defends the client with confidence. Demonstrated total professionalism, with a nice and sincere attitude. His respect for his client is very obvious through his manners and action.

5 Anonymous via

Mr. Weisenburger is a very polite and respected attorney that will definitely go to bat for you. His rates are very reasonable, and are most definitely WELL WORTH IT.
If your looking for the attorney who can get the job done in a very timely manner, look no further. This man is the real deal!

5 Anonymous via

Mr. Weisenburger is hands down very experienced, and knowledgeable. Without a doubt I was confident in his abilities. I was so thankful that he represented me. He has a very calm demeanor, and took the time to review every detail of my case. He was able to answer any questions that I had and was very thorough when reviewing all the evidence, and case facts. I was treated with respect and I felt he truly cared about my situation. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and I will always be greatful for his work and assistance.

Also, just a side note, his staff was exceptionally quick with getting back to me when I had questions or concerns. Thank you again!

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Working with Dan was an absolute pleasure. His assistants are top tier and their passion for effectiveness is incomparable. Every question I had was answered, no matter how many calls it took to get the right information. You can tell he has done his due diligence when it comes to saving you time and money. I’d recommend him and his excellent team to everyone 110%. The results were extremely satisfactory I came here after extensive research on every lawyer in Portage County. Although at first over the phone it may seem like he is a very busy man, he comes correct in every single aspect. PLUS They focus on one case at a time. It was amazing. Thank you again.

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5 Ryan via

As a young college student who never has faced a form of criminal charge before I was honestly scared. Both careers I’m pursuing are military and government oriented. Though attorney Weisenburger at times seems quiet and not overly reassuring he is humble. Often I found myself worried if I had chosen the best attorney for my case and found myself trying to find ways of helping him. Needless to say he needed no help from me. He is extremely knowledgeable and realistic. He doesn’t sugar coat things or give you false ideas of the outcome of your case. He genuinely cares for the outcome and tries to ensure that you are properly represented.

Though his fees seemed steep to me, a poor college student. They’re actually extremely fair. He could easily ask for double of what he does, however does not. (Hopefully that doesn’t make him raise his rates! Haha). Though if for some reason I ever end up in trouble again he will be the FIRST attorney I call and should be your first choice. Speak with him him for ten minutes even by phone and you’ll see how humble he is. Best of luck to you and I hope if you choose Mr. Weisenburger you’re as pleased with the results as I am!

5 Dan via

I’ve known and used Dan Weisenberger for about 15 years. Dan’s law firm has been honest and a big help.

5 Jenna Fox via

Weisenburger Law not only knows what they’re doing with each case but cares and pays attention to each client. They are experts in the fields of DUI defense, Criminal defense and family law. Clients are readily taken care of whether they call, email or walk into the office. At Weisenburger law office, clients aren’t left in the dark not knowing what is going on with their case like other firms. If you want a great team willing to work above and beyond, this is the right choice.

5 Thomas via

I have retained Mr. Weisenburger on three occassions, not only is he familiar with the courts he takes the case to the wall for his clients and/or negotiates the greatest situation for a defendant. Dan considers every area off your life. Thanks Dan you are the best of the best.

5 Diana Nikolic via

5 Anonymous via

Very good didn’t talk over my had I understood him was kind an very good lawyer. I would recommend him to others.

5 Ryan via

Mr. Weisenburger from the second he was on my case was extremely professional, courteous, honest and very bold. I could tell just during my free consultation that he was rare find in the field due to his honesty. The amount of information he armed me with before even talking retainer was mind blowing. It was a complete no brainer the first time I met Mr. Weisenburger the he was the attorney I wanted defending my freedom. I’ve seen and worked for attorneys in the past who only care to plead the case and move on to the next paycheck.

This man will fight tooth and nail to beat every element of the case against you. I was both very impressed and extremely grateful to see the amount of effort he put in to make sure I wasn’t left with a life lasting charge.

I can’t imagine why anyone would put someone in charge of your case that doesn’t obviously care about the matter as much as you do.
Hands down, Dan Weisenburger is your best choice no matter what the level of offense you’re charged with.

5 Anonymous via

As a college student, it can be very intimidating to find yourself in a sticky situation with no one in your corner. Mr. Weisenburger is an extremely experienced attorney that is not only professional but realistic, caring, and genuine. It was so relieving to get to a conclusion of the judicial process with Mr. Weisenburger anxiously engaged in defending my case and my name every step of the way.

5 Nicolette Estok via

I had the privilege of interning at Weisenburger Law this past summer and have truly enjoyed my experience there. Both Dan and his associate are extremely talented and have taught me so much in so little time. I’ve already recommended this firm to a few of my friends because I know they’d be in good hands; the attorneys know what they are doing and will work diligently in order to achieve the best result for their clients.


5 Ryan via

Dan has always handled my legal issues and when something arouse that could literally change my life, it was a no brainer to stick w/ the tried and true Dan Weisenburger. I’ve NEVER seen an attorney put so much personal, time, effort and compassion into what he does. Not only will he likely get you out of trouble, but my experiences talking with him it seems most are resolved with the FIRST FEE he charges! How many attorneys can say that!??! I was wrongfully charged and got charges dropped!!

This can be both good in bad in an attorney as I’ve seen in the past with a public defenders and lower quality paid ones, they get your money then just plea you out at the first offer from the prosecutor. Dan always was a straight shooter with offers. Pretty much would tell me whats on the table, what chance we have of doing better fighting it and the risks that come with not taking the offer.

No joke, on this last case I could have done jail time. That means no kids, no work, no passing go or collecting a dime let alone 200 bucks. I was 100% innocent and without Dans insanely genius tactics and overall strategy I guaranteed would be typing a bad review on a different attorney from jail. (if you can do that? thankfully dan kept me out so I don’t know!!

Normally I’m not one to do reviews but I’ll be 100% honest who isn’t hesitant to pay a retainer on an attorney you don’t know. I’m typing this up to remove all doubt that you WILL get your moneys worth. I would have without question paid him DOUBLE to represent me again. Thats how confident I am . If I pulled an OJ or Aaron Hernandez, best believe I’d be still using Dan!! lol To sum this sermon up, I have done my research about bar testing, state certifications and trial history. I found out most attorneys aren’t even Board Certified!!?! When it comes to courts, they are paving roads and paying their over inflated staff / judge salaries. They stay in business by trying to make you lose and can cause you undue hardships for the rest of your life. They don’t care about anything but the bottom line. Don’t go unprepared or w/ a second rate attorney with a good catch phrase. Even if you’re unsure as I was at first. I’m pretty sure he still does a free consultation. Just sitting down talking to him you’ll see like I did his compassion for helping his clients.

5 Mallory Derbfuss via

No-nonsense, straight to the point, well-educated and very professional. You will not be disappointed if you choose the Weisenburger Firm to represent you.

5 Anonymous via

Mr. Dan Weisenburger is a wonderful Attorney!! He represented our 17 year old. We were so blessed to have found him in our time of need. He is humble, honest and fair. He knows the law and represents with confidence. He fights for you. We wanted an attorney that would tell us the truth about the case, our options. Not just tell us what we wanted to hear. Thank you Dan!

5 Jason Damico via

I met a few others at the office, all of them treated me with respect and were more than happy to assist me with anything I needed.


5 Lynne Perry via

When I was looking for an Attorney to help with domestic relations, I visited a few different attorney’s offices. Upon arriving at Weisenburger Law Offices, I immediately discovered how professional, friendly and understanding their staff was. Each member took their time to discuss things with me. I never felt like they were rushing me out the door. They took their time with me. I really appreciated that. While at other offices I visited the staff was cold and distant. Attorney Christopher Langholz was very helpful in explaining what I needed to do from the first time we met. Attorney Langholz was always focused, determined, and dedicated to achieving the best results for me. He has a excellent knowledge of the law while having a personal touch showing he cares about his clients. Weisenburger Law Offices offers after hours answering services which was very helpful to me. I have and will continue to recommend them to friends and family.

5 Sara Sara via

Dan Weisenburger is a great, experienced lawyer and a friendly staff.

5 Mike via

Dan works hard and knows the territory. You will not find a better lawyer in the county. Go with Dan, that’s the best plan!
He defended me very effectively.

5 Jerimiah Roth via

Fantastic, friendly staff. Free initial consultation!

5 Kara Maguire via


Great lawyer and staff

5 Anonymous via

I acquired a OVI w/misdemeanor pot possession charge, 1st offense. Atty W and his staff worked this case for 5 months. My priorities were how to deal with current and future employment concerns at my age with a drug charge on record and long term financial effects on retirement through increased auto insurance rates with a OVI on record. These were the 2 objectives Atty W sought to minimize. My case was finalized this year (2014) through the court system a year after the charge was brought. The end results that Atty W was able to accomplish were a reduced charge to Physical Control from OVI (since my motorcycle wasn’t running and I wasn’t actually operating it at the time I was contacted by the police), and a drop of the charge of possession. I was totally satisfied with the outcome. The total ordeal cost me about $4K (attorney plus the other court mandated requirements).

I had always hoped I’d never have to be involved with the legal system and attorneys in this capacity, mostly because I never really felt comfortable that the system worked; courts, attorneys, or otherwise. Figured the best thing is just don’t get involved. I let a bit of mid-life crisis get out of control. I’ve reined that in. Atty W is a quiet unassuming personality, sharp looking professional presentation to the court system, and does a lot of work behind the scenes. The Weisenburger staff is very professional and friendly. There are many pros to the Weisenburger Law Office. There was one con for me though; and that was a bit of a lack of communications. There were long periods of time that I didn’t get any comms, even when closing in on important court dates. I’d have to call and start inquiring about the status. One time I was misinformed by the staff about a court procedure for acquiring work driving privileges that cost me a day’s work. There were times during my case that I felt nothing was going to be able to be done with the charges, and maybe that’s why I wasn’t being contacted. It was very stressful not hearing something for extended periods of time. I believe that should be looked at for future clients. If needed I would use again and recommend Atty Weisenburger and his staff.

5 Susan Shields via

5 Karl W via

Best thing I ever did was to hire Dan. Kept us up to date on any information or issues going on with the case. Did what he said he was going to do. Great job and I would recommend him to anyone. His office staff was also great and understanding. thanks to all of you at Dan’s firm for your help and patients with us .

5 Robert via

I was arrested back in July for petty theft. After my Arrest I hired Dan. He was amazing throughout the process of this entire situation. He did everything I wanted and said he was going to do. He fought for me. He was super easy to talk. Especially through emails. He knew the judge very well. After waiting 79 days for a Walmart video he filed a sanctioned against them and the Police department. The day of Court September 29th he came to me at 10:30 and said all my charges where Dismisssed. No video nothing. Not even a witness. I literally gave dan a hug and thanked him so much for doing what he did. His firm is easy to work with also. Accepting payment options and everything. Not only did he save me from going to jail he saved me from having to switch my career all around. He’s very affordable too. I HIGHLY recommend Dan to anyone.

5 Dee Edwin via

In the recent past, I found myself facing DUI charges. Being a professional, I knew I wanted the best DUI attorney in Portage County. I was worried about how conviction of a DUI could change my life. I was very impressed with Attorney Dan Weisenburger when I met him. He has been an attorney specializing in DUI and Criminal Defense, alone, for over 35 years. Mr. Weisenburger put up an amazing fight for me in the court room. He didn’t miss one single detail. It was very clear Dan understood how this could affect my career and my personal life. When I got news that my case was dismissed on a technicality, I was beyond impressed. Attorney Weisenburger is dedicated and determined to do his very best for his clients, and it shows. I am certain I would not have received the results I did, with any other Portage County Attorney.

5 Anonymous via

I was charged with something that would have been the end of my drivers license, career and potentially had me sitting in a jail cell.
I was terrified. Dan was absolutely AMAZING. Most attorneys I’ve worked with (not all as a customer) over the years tend to only care about the final bill and anything in between is just “the judges fault”.

Dan was super personable and very easy to talk to. He understood my concerns and you could tell he cared just from his expressions and overall demeanor. As I was explaining my side of the story, you could just see the wheels turning as he was going through the scenario along with me.

He was able to completely get the charges dropped and left the prosecutor who was just itching to add one more conviction to her belt standing there w/ her mouth wide open.
End of the day our court systems are cess pools of corruption. The prosecutors are in bed w/ the officers who charge people and they all somehow manage to drink at the same bars. They are all against you and the only way to give yourself a chance is by getting someone who speaks their language.

I’m the type that doesn’t pay for labor for ANYTHING. I wouldn’t however even consider walking into a court room w/o Dan by my side. Not to mention he’s much more affordable than the lionshare of FAR less experienced attorneys!

5 Craig Ward via

5 Anonymous via

We hired Dan Weisenburger and his legal team for a criminal matter. I can truly say when you are faced with a criminal charge of a significant matter, the last thing that you want to worry about is if your legal team can handle it, well I can say without any hesitation we did not have to worry. The first time I saw Dan in the courtroom I knew was no novice to the courtroom, and he has his hand on every case, and he has experienced attorneys that work with him. They will answer the hard questions , not telling you what you want to hear but what is best for you. Would like to say GO WITH THE BEST, and you won’t regret it. I would also like to say Francois the paralegal, and the other staff are great. They specialize in taking every case personal.

5 Lisa Trout via

Great people

5 Sarah Wilson via

Dan is a top notch attorney. You won’t find another like him in this area. He and his staff care about their clients and will answer any and all of your questions. I highly recommend Weisenburger Law Offices.

5 Stephen via

Attorney Weisenburger has helped me over the last few years on everything from a DUI to a DUS. I have a heavy foot unfortunately. Both him and his paralegal Francois are very knowledgeable, patient, and consistent. Will be asking Attorney Weisenberger for help should a mishap ever happen again.

5 Cecile Becquey via

5 Amanda via

Mr. Weisenburger helped me in a driving under suspension case a few weeks back and I am more than satisfied with the outcome.
I knew the minute I stepped into the lobby of his office that I was dealing with a very professional firm. The entire staff was courteous and, above all, knew how to handle my anxiety with kindness and understanding.

Mr. Weisenburger is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable with the process. I was confident I was getting the best advice and that helped me make the best decision. He patiently answered all my questions and explained the situation in details in a way I could relate to. He put a strong defense for me in the courtroom.
I highly recommend Mr. Weisenburger to anyone in need of a great attorney.

5 Ryan Ward via

I’ve used Dan Weisenburger’s services in the past and have even referred quite a few friends and colleagues whether it be for something as minuscule as a speeding ticket, to DUI’s and have always been thanked for hooking them up with an attorney that will actually go to bat for its clients.

I have seen MANY attorneys whom are MUCH more expensive that for one aren’t even as well educated. It’s important to note Weisenburger is nationally certified as a Criminal Trial Specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Not many can say this.

Especially in this area do NOT be fooled by gimmicks and false promises by people only hired to bring in customers. I assure you, you’d rather be Dan’s defendant than ____’s customer.