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The area of Family Law, also called Domestic Relations,  involves the termination of a marriage in Ohio. Domestic Relations also encompass family law matters, such as child custody and child support. The Domestic Relations Court is where you typically go to legally end a marriage.


The end of a marriage is always stressful, and you need the best guidance to make the legal process as smooth as possible.


It is best for parents to come to an agreement regarding custody of their children. Disputes involve sometimes painful court hearings.

Difference between Divorce, Dissolution and Legal Separation

Under Ohio Family Law, a legal marriage can be terminated or suspended in three different ways: Divorce, Dissolution, or Legal Separation.

  • In general, a divorce applies when the parties are unable to agree upon the terms relating to ending the marriage.
  • Dissolution may be appropriate if the parties can agree upon all the terms necessary to end the marriage.
  • A separation agreement is a contractual arrangement between the husband and wife, which settles all of the issues relative to the marriage and can later be converted into a divorce action if either of the parties so chooses. A legal separation does not seek termination of the marriage, but rather allows one spouse to live separate and apart from the other, and at the same time resolves all the issues.

Family and Domestic Relations Lawyer in Portage and Summit County

Our firm handles matters in every area of Family Law & Domestic Relations. We represent clients in Portage and Summit Counties.

Our divorce lawyer is the only Certified family law specialist in Portage County. She can assist you in determining your best course of action. She is a sympathetic listener, as well as a tough negotiator. She can give you a realistic evaluation of your situation and guide you through every step of the domestic relations court process.

In Portage County, the Domestic Relations Court is located in the Portage County Courthouse at 203 West Main Street in downtown Ravenna, on the second floor.

In Summit County, the Domestic Relations Court is located in the new Summit County Courthouse Addition at 205 South High Street in downtown Akron.

Family Law Attorney 

Whatever your circumstances, the consequences of domestic relations cases are long-lasting. The process can be frustrating and confusing.

Our divorce lawyer can help you protect your interests and obtain the best solution for you. Contact us now to book your case review at (330) 296-8000 in Ravenna or (330) 686-2890 in Stow. 

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Client Reviews

I loved working with Heather. I was going through a divorce after a thirty-year marriage and I was scared and confused. I initially was working with a different lawyer at a different firm, she was scattered and never got back to me when I had questions. Someone referred me to Heather Dyer and from the first conversation, I felt safe and heard. She was there for me every step of the way, answering my questions in a logical, caring way. I love the way she gets things done and doesn’t mess around dragging things out. When I had to have meetings with my ex-husband and his lawyer she impressed me with her strength and knowledge. She was there for me. I would recommend Heather to everyone I care about.
And in the future, if I ever need advice, she is the one I will turn to.

Caroline Kilbane



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